2019 GCSE and A-level outstanding results

Al Manar School is delighted to congratulate our GCSE and A Level students, their families, and the entire Al Manar family on the students’ outstanding results for the academic year 2018/2019.

The A Level results were as follows:
7 students achieved grade A
1 student achieved grade C
1 student achieved grade E

The GCSE results were as follows:
7 students achieved level 9
3 students achieved level 8

Our gratitude and appreciation goes to their teachers, Sahar Ahmed and Asmaa Jalool, and the rest of the Al Manar team for their efforts in helping our children reach their full potential.

The results for GCSE Arabic Exam for this summer
11 A* , 3A and one grade. B
For those who has sat the exam at their English school I have no results.

The results for the Arabic GCE level for this summer
Results of As level (6AR01)
4A , 2B and one D

Results of A2 level (6AR02)
2A and 2B

thanks for school management and staff for this outstanding results

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