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Al-Manar Arabic School wins the GOLD Award

A Gold Award shows that the supplementary school has well-established systems in place to ensure consistent good quality. There will be written plans, handbooks, and procedures so that when someone leaves, and a new person joins, the school routines will carry on. The management committee will meet regularly to plan and monitor the work of the school, and the minutes of their meetings will form much of the evidence. The school will have provided evidence that children’s needs, progress and performance are assessed and monitored.

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The school is proud to be the first supplementary school to win this award in the North West. Thanks to all school staff and management team.

Al-Manar School has been invited to the celebration of achievement for supplementary school across England. It has successfully obtained a higher level Quality Frame Award this year.

The event was hosted at the British Museum in London on the 23rd Sep. 2016 .

Mr Kouzali represented Al-Manar school and received the Gold Award Certificate from Mrs Pascal Vassie, the Executive Director of National Resource Centre for Supplementary School.

Al-Manar school was one of two supplementary school from Manchester that obtained this award.

The event was successful and enjoyable.

other awards obtained by the school from the Education Department / Manchester City Council which are:

  • Bronze Award
  • Special Award 2016 Teacher
  • Quality Standard Award 2005
  • Gold Award 2015

special award 2016 teacher  almanar - quality standard 2005award       Almanar Bronz Award

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