Community Relationships

Our relationship with the local community, MPs, police, Councillors and the Lord Mayor is excellent. We have been honoured by their visits over the years, especially on our open days and end-of-year ceremonies. We are passionate in our belief that supplementary schools like ours can play a successful presence in the community, particularly in providing a successful supplementary education programme as part of the wider British Community.


Our reputation in the Muslim, Arabic and British Communities is encouraging. Our school activities and approach make our school very interesting. Moreover, we believe that our school is enhancing our children’s bilingual skills. Arabic is being taught for real life needs with a balance of enjoyment and hard work.


Al-Manar Arabic School is using Jordanian course books as source for Arabic Language alongside texts prepared by the teaching staff and the Arabic language supervisor who renders help and advice to teachers. The school has a huge support and impact on Arab, Asian and Somali communities which have developed over recent years.