We love feedback from our children and parents. Here are some of the things they have to say about us.

When we moved to Manchester in 2005, I was delighted that AlManar School was nearby. My daughter was in year 8 and my son was in year 4. They studied till GCSEs in AlManar and both got A*s. It was not just the Arabic and Islamic studies. It was also the social atmosphere. They made great friends and enjoyed the fun days, the school trips, and the stage activities in the assemblies. My youngest daughter started from nursery in AlManar and she is now in pre-GCSE. From the start, she learnt classical Arabic, so she has better language skills than her brother and sister when they were her age. They had been used to colloquial Arabic when they were young. She also benefited from the other subjects in Arabic like maths and science which she was taught on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
Um Noon

Since it’s establishment in 2001, my family and I have been part of AlManar Arabic School, three of my children having been students from nursery until A-level, and my fourth child currently in his GCSE year. The experience has been a pleasant one with great academic achievements for my children as well as social benefits for our family as a whole through meeting families from various and similar cultural backgrounds.
Feda Khawaja

The bottom line is enrolling our son Abdallah at AlManar school was the single best decision we have made for his education. Arabic language is the language of the holy book the Quran, the fact that my boy can read and write basic Arabic has been a great moment to celebrate.  He is so proud of his achievement and is making constant progress which is all thanks to all the staff at Al -Manar Arabic school. My young daughter will also be joining him in September to learn Arabic.  We support the school all the way and we recommend it to all new parents. Thank you for all your hard work

Haifa Farhat

As a family of mixed origin with strong beliefs in Islamic education, we decided to put all 3 of our children to AlManar from early ages. We have never regret the decision as over the years all the staff has been very cooperative, supportive and helped us as a family to guide our children in the right direction through their academic but also personal life. There was never a time that any concern would not be dealt with in a professional manner and children were clearly seen striving for success. One of our children spent 11 years there, from nursery to A level, and last year completed her final studies with A level in Arabic with excellent results. We would like to recommend AlManar Arabic School to families who would like their children to learn not only the Arabic language but importantly learn about Islam in general as we never regretted it.

Al-Bakri Parents

I am writing to say thank you to AlManar  as without their outstanding teaching my two girls Hannah 10 and Sara 7, would not have progressed to such an excellent level in there Quran and Arabic reading. It can be extremely challenging to take children  to two schools but has proved to be worth the effort and commitment. Hearing them reciting Quran so beautifully makes me very proud and happy. Please keep up this outstanding work AlManar teachers and again thank you.

Beltajy Parents