Early Years

Early Years stage consist of 3 Classes: one Nursery and 2 Receptions.

Nursery Class  (approx. 3 -4 years)

This class was situated on the ground floor and the children mostly worked on/ in the carpet area. The furniture was for high school pupils and was too large for this age group. So this obstacle was circumnavigated by using carpet and large cushions on the floor. There were a lot of visual prompts and art work around the room. The pupils in this class had just completed a collage on outdoor clothing and attached Arabic words for coat, scarf, hat  ……. All the children worked co-operatively together and were chanting Arabic nursery rhymes and songs went I first visited the class. The young children seemed to be enjoying themselves and there were many smiling faces.

There were 27 young children in this group with three adults ( one teacher, one TA and one helper). The class language was mostly Arabic but there was also some English. There was some interactive whiteboard work in use with the children taking part in this kinaesthetically by getting up and moving round to touch the board.

Reception Class: ( approx. age 4-5 Years)

There are 2 classes in this stage were also situated on the ground floor and there were 20 pupils in this class. The language used in the classroom was almost completely Arabic. Visual prompts were also widely used in this room. Initial letter sounds in Arabic were on cards, as were blends and then simple complete words. All the children worked together chanting answers and giving verbal answers individually. There was very little written work and this usually took the form of well scaffolded pre-printed sheets with plenty of colour on them and usually a simple close exercise. There was a Teacher and a TA in this class.